By Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

I Am a Sportsman

I loved to play since I was in my school.
 My goal is not to look like a good bodybuilder.
 I ran an hour but I do not enjoy running.
 I became passionate about sports.
 To reduce risk of injuries, gym is always essential.
 I do not consume any processed food, but I love
 to eat brown rice and eggs.
 The carbohydrates help to prevent losing weight.
 I maintain a training schedule and follow it.
 I love to improve every part of my body equally.
 It is not about looks but about performance.
 I would like to improve my performance.
 I remain happy till my performance is going well.
 Setting a new personal record makes me happy.

I Had Financial Problems

I had mountain load of financial problems
 while living in a remote village.
 I had started to sell oranges in a market
 to solve my financial problems.
 I traveled by early morning train to attend my
 school that was located in town.
 It was a cut-throat situation for me after
 joining high school in town.
 During that crucial period, it was an enjoyable
 experience, as I got to travel by local train.
 There was a dark moment during my schooling
 which I will never forget in my life.
 One day I moved out of my village to escape
 from sufferings during my teenage period.
 During old age, sometimes I murmur sadly
 and look at crowded stars at night.
 Though my heart has not yet grown old but I
 could feel something has changed.

The Ambitious Peasant

There was a greedy peasant who
 used to live in a remote village.
 When the sun is high in the sky,
 he never wants to waste his valuable
 time stopping for food and water.
 Even if it becomes extremely hot, he
 used to continue plough the wet land.
 The peasant grew so ambitious that
 the sun became hotter and hotter, yet,
 he didn’t stop even for a glass of water.
 His legs grew more and more tired,
 but he didn’t like to take rest even
 for a few moments.
 When the sun was about to set he
 stopped ploughing but as thirst
 overcame him, suddenly, he collapsed.
 He was really greedy to do extra work,
 to make much money, and enjoy
 the fruits of his labour.
 Though he desired happiness but
 unfortunately he lost his valuable
 life due to unnecessary extra
 work in his field.
 Everyone wishes to have peace and
 love, but more ambitious person
 will certainly suffer always.

Mornings Keep Me Busy

Mornings keep me busy with my
 husband who lovingly explains
 the daily work program.
 I grew up chanting God’s name which
 improved my concentration and
 kept me focused.
 My traditional heritage was like a
 shadow and it never left me,
 instead, it was my inner soul.
 Lamp is an essential part of the home
 and it is a symbol of light which is
 used in everyday social life.
 I laugh in the park and share a sense
 of connectedness with people and
 this reduces my loneliness.

Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar was born in 1936. After completing his schooling from the Bengali High School in Nowgong (Assam), he joined in Indian Air Force. During his stay at an Air Force unit in Barrackpore, West Bengal, he had a chance to pursue higher studies as a private candidate from University of Calcutta in 1970.

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