By Donovan Westjohn

Love plants a happy seed,
within every affectionate hearty hug,
also, a billion-years wise of a prominent Spruce tree.
It is gentle kindness within all buzzing bees.
Naturally, offering scented wildflowers a kind hand.
Love is a peaceful smile,
chirping in the vivacious blissful breeze.
and forever rising early in our glorious sunrise
of a new tomorrow.

Courage within each adventurous horse.
Trotting breathlessly up many narrow slopes,
reaching Mountain's grand summit,
admiring remarkable adventures that lay ahead,
Loyal love admirably represents a significant lighthouse,
helping boats get properly back to shore.
Its Passionate desire soars effortlessly upwards,
inside all bird's heartbeat,
Bursting with the infectious laughter of a cheerful child.
Ceaseless love typically giving birth,
To four breathtaking seasons.
Expressing love is sincere,
genuinely an aureus stream,
flowing intimately through every poetic vein,
Compassionate heart,
and graceful soul.

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