By Ira Darmograi

there are some places where you feel especially calm
 where you are no longer chasing something useless
 where your permanent desire to restrain yourself, to control yourself, to look for answers disappears
 where you finally notice that everything magical in this world feels your strength, your love, your
 unbelievably tender perception of yourself and runs towards you
 it hugs you, leaving a light scent of relief and melancholy
 and then you just stand there and smile, completely unable to say something
 there is only one phrase in your head
 I am so happy.

Ira Darmograi resides in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, and is a student at the faculty of foreign languages.
She tries to do everything her heart yearns for. She is fond of writing because it helps to remove the chaos from her head and to speak her heart’s language. This is what helps her to live life to the fullest.
She likes yoga and travelling and is currently writing a long-planned-for book. Maybe her words will change someone’s life.

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