By Kenneth G. Hodges Bryant

You stand, as beautiful as night
 You stood, more perfect than the day
 You stand, as picturesque as heaven’s gate
 You stood, more captivating than the rising sun

Where my heart still goes to weep
 Where my soul still comes to find joy
 Where my sight still wanders to glance at love
 Where my mind still soars unharnessed, is toward you

I am sorry that I let us down…
 I abided in fear of what you make me feel
 I apologize that I retreated to the solace of my silence
 I admit that even now, whenever I shut my eyes—you’re all I see

Kenneth G. Hodges Bryant is an architect and writer, and Adjunct Professor at Hampton University. Among others, he authored the “J.E. Diggs Residence National Register Nomination” published in 2020; the short story “Love Affair With A House” published 2011; and a book titled The Architecture of Harvey Johnson. Recently, his poem “New Canaan” was published in The Sandy River Review.

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