By Zia Rahman

Starting of the Year was celebrated with a bang
 who knew that problems on their door will going to be rang,
 The only mistake of the year was opening the door.
 Because that was the moment when the things spread on floor.

 Firstly, the fire in the forest got out of control,
 And then the whole world went in the dark deep hole.
 The only thing I hate was being so far away.
 Because this tiny creature killed people every day.

 Every single day people of the world die,
 Either cause' of virus or the pain made them cry,
 First Day Second Day, every day was corruption,
 This was nature's punishment given for interruption.

 When countdown of the new year started to display,
 People wanted their resolutions to be in mode of play,
 The eyes filled with hope and the heart filled with fear,
 may news of the vaccine will soon hit our ear

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