By Maureen Barron

Why Don’t You Ring?

Phone call.

"Why don't you ring?
I could be ill or dead
I might as well be
It's like no one cares
I always have to ring them.
They never ring me."

 "Because I"

"Hello, hello, are you there dear?
As I was saying
Why don't you ring me?
No one ever picks up the phone.
I feel so alone. Why don't you ring?"

 "Because I"

 "And another thing, you never visit me.
How long ago would your last visit be?
It's more than a week at least
since you came.
What's up with you, what's your game?"


 "Hello. Are you still there?
You know life isn't fair
Will you give me a ring sometime?
I'll try not to moan.
Don't forget -pick up the 'phone
and give me a ring.

 "Goodb... ".bzzzz

Why Do the Birds…

Why do the birds
sing in my darkness
Why does the sun
not warm my soul
Why are you
Where are you?
I hope you
are okay
I cannot be
happy as I
walk among daisies
The Devil has
got you in
his clutches
Came out of a
bottle and took
you away
All I can do
my darling
Is pray and

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