By Aminath Neena

The Blues

I met my eyes
 last night in a dream
 and I saw it liquefied 
 and streaming with blue tears
 “Stop! Please stop right now” I urged.
 “How can I? It’s your heart that provokes me.
 said my eyes, with downcast wet lashes.
 “Don’t you blame me now!”
 “How am I supposed to control you?”
 Quibbled a tiny voice from my chest.
 So, I held them both captive in my hands
 And firmly badgered both of them imbeciles.
 “Will you please listen to me
 and stop this bickering?” I pleaded
 “Do you really want me to? “coaxed my heart.
 “Don’t you think it is better for you
 to let it flow out?” said my eyes.
 “At least that should 
 make you feel lighter!” echoed both.
 And I woke up, sobbing

Best Friends of Yesterday

It is through falsehood that we learn
 the most valuable life truths or so
 Though it is the hard way that we learn
 Sometimes as a slap or two in a row

 That those people who used to be one's limbs
 Can someday be as far as distance can be
 those hands that were joined to you as wings
 In joyful times and woe can today be,

 Conjoined twins for another's surveillance
 That sometimes blood or mate hood can fall apart
 And appear more like matters of convenience
 As with time they change the zip code of the heart

 Yet with gratitude we must accept their teaching
 For nothing in this temporal world is everlasting

Déjà Vu

Would you believe my claim
 If I said our souls came
 from another distinct place
 of another extinct space?

 I can feel you
 As the insects feel the satin of flowers
 I can feel you
 As the flowers feel the touch of rain drops
 I can feel you
 As the rain feels the presence of its clouds
 I can feel you
 As the clouds feel the absence of its vapour from the sea
 I can feel you
 As the sea feels the distort of its dashing waves
 I can feel you
 As the waves feel the calmness of its foam
 I can feel you
 As the foam feels the craving of its plankton

 Do you still have any doubts
 on my claim of our whereabouts
 in another distinct place-
 at another extinct space?

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