By Alex Andy Phuong

New Beginnings

New Start
New Life
Start Over
Rather than Game Over
Life is not a game per se
But rather a gift
This very day is a new beginning
For the day has begun
Whether or not there is sun
And hope can light the way
To a better future
If one chooses to
Begin being optimistic


Express curiosity
And hold on tight
Bear through struggles
Even as mere muggles
And become
The people
People were meant to be

Join, But Check First

Dreams allow
For hope
And Aspirations
Despite dreams
Being deferred
People can still
Pursue Passions
And Realistically,
Check before dreaming,
And be careful before
Choosing to join
For a cover is not always the book
And something with appeal
Might not necessarily
Be Ideal
Be Real, and Be Free!


Reoccurring reoccurrence
Happening time and time again
Literary motifs
Like decorative laurel wreaths
Placed upon the head
While knowledge enters the mind
And learning happens again and again
Until students who study
Become learned
And empower themselves
Through the gift of education


Optimism Opposing Pessimism
Binary Opposition
Forming literary theory
Find fundamental facts
Rather than denotative definitions
And let creative expression
Speak from the soul
For “is” is the way it is!

Lake Effect

Environmental hydration
Cause and effect
Sounding cliché
Water offers
The gift of life
A gift that could be
Taken away
At any given time
Swim freely
Within the ocean of time
And try to do
Rather than exist
And that is the
Lake effect
Of water
And the greatest gift


Of lightening
Electromotive force
Implies Pressure
Yet measure for measure
Suggests that people
Can still take pleasure
In being who they
Were meant to be
Instead of being
Bogged down
By Reality
That is the true reality!

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