By Ezewuzie Nkiruka Juliet

The Church

I knelt in front of the confession box
Father, what to do?
I see dead nuns
everywhere in the church.
On the altar,
they giggle and smile at me.
Father looked up at me and said,
this is the church of the dead.
He tore off his white collar,
laughed and disappeared
leaving a cold trail behind.

Cursed Friendship

Sapphire was my best friend
We went everywhere together
except to church.
I thought she was an atheist
I feared for her
so I decided to invite the church
over to my house.
The moment she stepped
into my house,
I couldn’t recognize her.
I saw a reptile in front of me
A reptile from an unknown species
She hissed at me
Her last words to me were
humans would always betray.
I opened my eyes
And saw myself lying
in my own pool of blood.

The Town

Beverly Hills
A place of death
The streets are not safe
The dead come back to life
The monsters search for lost souls
They find bodies and tear them apart
They suck on their bones
and lick their bloods.
A population of 150,000
is now 200.
The monsters live amidst us
but are impossible to identify.
Our cemetery is filled up
Everyday, the ghosts welcome a new member
The death toll increases every minute
You might be next.

Ezewuzie Nkiruka Juliet is a seventeen-year-old girl. She is interested in writing, reading and dancing. She recently published her two eBooks “Female vindication” and “Poetic habitat” on BookRix and they are sold on Amazon and other online stores. She has a blog “Nicki’s blog” and a On her blog, she posts about relationship issues, self-confidence and high self-esteem booster.

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