By Maureen Barron

Surreal Magic Moments

The cellist  had once played in
the London Philharmonic.
She spoke with plummy aplomb.

She introduced the catholic priest
dressed in his robes. He,
long and thin and fair of hair,
sat pious at the piano.

We were battered by life,
weary with worry.
Sent for sanctuary
to a Monastery which was
surrounded by ancient history
and monks, and huge redwood trees.

Then the magic happened!
The priest played the piano
like a Maestro while the cellist
played on  our heartstrings
with 'The Swan.'


I stand outside

The nursing home

wearing a mask

a good distance

from the door

to deliver a bag

of items for him.


The bag stands

at  a safe distance

also waiting

for someone

to come out

and collect it.


Another couple

approach the door

The door opens

they announce

they have come

to take their

relative home.


A tear springs out

of my eye

I wish I

could do that.

Bring him home.

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