By Alex Andy Phuong


Assignments might be dreadful
But they can still be
And involving much more
Than reading or writing
Because as knowledge accumulates
People can benefit
From self-improvement
And the life lessons
To guide them navigate
Their own lifelong narratives


Rather than being picky
Practice sheer serenity
And flexibility
To comply with pragmatism


Life is all around
The round Earth
Forming objects
Useful props
People could propose
Ideas, Love, and Acceptance
Yet how large or how small
Has no matter at all
Because strength
Involves a combination
Of action and reason
No matter the size
Of One’s Own Being
For all things are
Their Own Entities

Formal Wear

Formal wear
Elegance and refinement
Grandiose opulence
Wear and tear
Accompanying aging
And dressed up
On the final day
Looking beautifully
Into the Unknown
Towards the natural transition
Towards the next great adventure


Hilarious hilarity
Laugh out riot
If someone does not need something
Why buy it?
Money makes the world go round
Go round
Money money money
Love that green and silver
But treat life as gold
A hard hue to hold
For even when green dissipates
People can still appreciate
The gift of life itself
Without unnecessary accoutrement
Otherwise feel gaunt
Which many do not want

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