By I.G.

It was in the heart of New York City
where I lost my mind
and, yet to find
the contract I signed

I have got the southern hospitality
of a country land
living closely
with grace from dignity's hand

Out in the distance
I keep an eye on misery's demand
for memories like pistons
revolutionize on command

Giddy up
place your finger on the gun
fight for your right
and your purpose by the sun

The last days can be 
for living or sinning
but when death knocks on the door
Are you willing to be forgiving?

One thought on “Heart

  1. I.G.’s poem “Heart” is pleasant, revealing, and, most of all, truthful in its message. I found the last two lines to be especially worthy of note: “but when death knocks on the doorAre you willing to be forgiving?” That can be taken in two ways: 1) when death knocks on someone else’s door, can the visitor forgive the person’s faults, or 2) when death knocks on your own door, are you willing to let go without being angry at other people. Frank Kowal


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