By Kulikani Nortey

Is what I feel real or is it just a figment of my imagination?
What is imagination?
Is it just something we just imagined?
Is it all man made because I have never met my ego?
Does the soul really exist?
Heaven and hell two opposites of the same fist.
If all the Gods from all the religions exist, is there a world full of Gods?
And if there is such a thing, do the Gods have Gods?
Would there be a God if there was no man?
Would there be war if there was no God?
Maybe death isn't real.
Maybe when we die, we really wake up.
Maybe I'm alive now.
If I am alive is now the only thing I can believe in.
Why do we believe?
Why do we believe in things that we have been told to believe in, like the future?
And you and I both know neither of us are going to reside there, there is no future.
What if I knew before it happened, would there be any point?
No one really knows.

One thought on “Why?

  1. Kulikani Nortey’s poem “Why?” is filled with so many fascinating ideas that I could probably spend hours discussing it with a group of aspiring poets. Just look at these lines: What is imagination?Does the soul really exist?Would there be a God if there was no man?Would there be war is there was no God? Maybe death isn’t real.Maybe when we die, we really wake up. Honestly, there is so much to discuss in these lines–and these are only a few of the lines from “Why?” that, as I stated in my opening sentence, this poem could hold its own for an hours-long discussion. Frank Kowal


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