By John Page

The cave shakes
The dragon wakes
Into the sky it flies
Tomorrow someone shall die

The dragon seeks it’s foe
Where it is, it does not know
In it’s heart is a burning need
To avenge a most foul deed

The sky races by as the dragon looks
It will get back what was took
The foe is most vile
The foe has stolen the pile

The sky turns dark
The air is filled with a bark
It is the foe that dragon sees
Swinging it’s tail like a bee

The dragon attacks
It’s fury does not lack
The foe strikes back with a smack
But it is not a fair match

Dragon fire is not to be trifled with
This all must admit
The foe is slain
The dragon wins in plain

But where is it’s horde
It is gone for good
The gold and jewels have vanished
The foe was famished
It took the horde to feed it’s kin
This is an empty win

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