By Russ Bickerstaff

She was trying to look like an insomniac, but she wasn’t doing a terribly good of it. The overall feeling of life beyond the veil of sleep was lost to her, which would have been fine if it weren’t for the fact that it was her job to look convincingly tired. It was a job she was paid quite well for. But she was suffering. Trying to look like an insomniac was exhausting.  And her sleep had become concerned that it was making matters worse for her.

So her sleep left town without leaving her so much as a good-bye note. Of course, her sleep didn’t think the decision through at all. After a few days, she was so good at looking like an insomniac that her employer became concerned. She had lost her job pretending to be an insomniac through acquiring the actual condition. 

She laid awake all night wondering where she would find work.

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