What Do Poets Do

what do poets do

when they rise up in the light of morning

from the floor of the sanctuary of illusion

and wipe with a coat sleeve an open wound

from which the life of history drains

and shake the sweat of saturation

from behind a brow, a paper wall

when they observe a movement in a distance

the invected curve of the firmament

vaccinated, yet to be unmasked

by the touch of a human hand or kiss

upon a forehead, a screen of vision

a set of clothes that steals the mood

and the loathing of a task undone

a world once shared and shared again

the poet comes to name the beast

but first a call for the chalice priest

the day is long, and suffering longer

a corner to rest, to be alone

all we need is the haloed moon

as a loving companion

when we do those things

that poets do


Solstice Part One

I was just watching the moon float past
I didn’t think you would even notice
from the distance where you set your foot
upon a satin covered stool.

There has never been a darker sky
to engulf an astronomer such as I
nor a brilliance flashing in the eye
of a soul so lost and vagrant.

No cloud dare to obscure the path
of this parade of dancing sorrows
these decanters empty, a dry platoon
of unsecured tomorrows.

I now look down to find the spinning earth
hidden beneath a grain of sand
how warm it once felt, as I recall
rotating in my hand.

Tonight I dive deep into eternal solace
at the center and the edge
of a universe that does not exist
beyond a heart’s command.


Joe Kidd is a modern poet with classical influence.
These poems are taken from his book titled The Invisible Waterhole.
A collection of spiritual and sensual verse.
You are invited to visit Joe Kidd at his author page here …

And at his official website here …

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