By Arti Rai

I’m burried under the soil now
resting in peace ,
rains have shed flood of tears ,
drops seeped onto  my breathless body ,
I thought  nature cried .
A headstone showing human words
would console my lying
layers of earth I would heap over
my brutal bones getting brawn .
In the years to come I would be
‘an eaten up’ , ‘a decomposed’
worms would flourish over my flesh
and give birth  to  their dynasties.
Soon, my sons and daughters would
learn to live ,time would wipe their tears.
I’m rotting away slowly , I have just learnt .
It would take  time to realize the world alive
for me yesterday is a world now
with all the  doors closed .
I’m an outlaw thrown away by crual kicks
of a butcher, a brute called DEATH .
I sigh out  from my deep deep grave.


Arti Rai is a poet from India.

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