By John Page

I walk through the graveyard of St. Imes. It is late at night but I prefer the dark. It makes the loss seem less real. I have not come here in a long time–the pain was too raw. I reflect on how I desperately miss her. It is not fair how she was taken from me.

I still feel like she has just taken a trip and will be back one day. Ever since then life has seemed unreal. I feel like I’m the one who died. I walk toward her grave and I stop. I see her favorite necklace on the ground. I pick up. I am confused as I know she was buried with it. I put it on her neck myself before closing the casket.

She looked almost happy to be with it. She had always told me that we would be together forever. I guess she was wrong.

I look at the necklace. It looks clean and not at all like something that was in a casket for six years. In fact it seems to glow with a bright light. I stare at the light, enchanted. I seem to lose track of time.

Eventually, I look up and I nearly shout. I see her! She is standing by her grave! She is waving toward me. Is this a dream?

I rush toward her. I have missed her so much. If I can just hold her then everything will be alright.

As I got closer I realized what I was doing. She is dead and I must be dreaming or insane. I tried to stop and run away, but instead she came closer. She looked hungry. She lunged toward me. I tried to scream.


The next day they found my corpse on top of her grave. I seemed to have been strangled by someone and was holding her necklace.

I wanted to tell them what happened but she will not let me. Apparently she had missed me even more than I could ever imagine.


One thought on “The Reunion

  1. Hi John. I lot of the people I write with love what they call “A twist” the end of a story; something unexpected. They would have loved your story. I did, too! Well done 🙂


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