By John Page

I awaken from my tomb. I step forward slightly and am handed robes and my crown. By the time I’m at the center of the burial camber I’m dressed like I was in my life. I turn to my advisers to ask them what is going on.

They explain to me that a host of raiders have come to try and ransack our subjects’ homes. I ask them if they have awakened my army. They reply yes.

With that I order my advisers to tell me where the raiders are and to bring me my war chariot.

Within a few minutes I am sitting in my chariot riding toward the shore. The chariot is a massive vehicle that is pulled by eight horses and can carry ten men. It is one of hundreds that I have under my command. They had run down entire empires in ages lost past. They won me dozens of battles in life and thousands in death. I will crush this for like all others.

Within the hour I can see the sea and the sleeps of three raiders. They are a dull grey color and are dressed in bright metals. They turn and face us. Clearly they are itching for a fight.

I signal the change and we rush toward them. The raiders seem surprised by the speed of the charge and we slam into them like the fist of a god. We scatter them and race around to do attack again. We repeat this three more times and then the raiders finally break. They try and make for their ships but are surprised when they burst into flame.

I had arranged for my priest to send a burst of fire that would alight right when the raiders lost heart.

With that the raiders surrender to us.

With that I return to my tomb and return to sleep.

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