By Lori Newbold


I release my thoughts into the care of words

So they can fly upon the wings of poetry.

Soaring among clouds of creativity,

And then gracefully landing

To their home on my page.
The life-blood of these emotions flows,

Freely as ink from my pen,

Forming sentences that give voice to sadness –

And credence to joy.
This prose dips into daunting darkness,

And then rises to greet exuberant light.

The nature of my explosive imagery,

May parch your throat and drain your energy.

Its intensity may endear you to this poem,

Or turn you away.
Poetry, though, is my forever friend,

Tirelessly pleading my case before judges,

And winning the hearts of some.

Poetry and I are bonded by a love

That never dies;

A relationship necessary,

For us to survive.

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