Mrs. Browns Grave

Once while visiting Mrs browns grave, a bird swooped down and tipped it’s wing. It sang a song she used to sing. That’s when I knew she was visiting me.

Through telescopes I see the scope of worlds so far away. I wonder, if theres someone out there, looking back at me? Through space and time through galaxies, through this little machine. Every night I watch the stars and every night I dream.



Julie Sepadooly, East elementaries biggest bully, used to scare all of the kids and take their lunch. Until one day Sepadooly, met an even bigger bully and her days of doing bullying were done. But Julie Sepadooly never received any bullying instead the kids did something that left Julie stumped. The kids they didn’t bully her. Or Julie Sepadooly her Instead the students all gave her a hug


First Day

Little Joe was scared to go to school when he turned five yrs old. He wouldn’t have mom’s hand to hold. He’d be with kids he didn’t know. Then, when it came, that fateful day, a yellow bus took him away. The bus was old and it smelled strange. The driver said,” please take your seat”. But just one seat in back remained, by a silly little boy with funny little name. ” My name’s Taiwan, want to be friends?”. Little Joe spoke up,”That all depends. See, when this rides over, when this trip ends. I’m making a break. Going over the fence”. Taiwan said, ” Good luck little joe my new friend but if your gonna go I’d wait till recess

The bus pulled in and came to a stop. There was thunder and lightning when the doors opened up. In the doorway there stood a tall shadow so scary. It said,” Welcome new students, to East elementary”. He then lined them up and Marched them all in no escaping today and they all took their seats. Then little joe saw they were all scared like him and by lunch time he found out it wasn’t so bad. By the time school was over they were laughing an friends.
Tire swing

Tire swing retired swing the most fun that I’ve had for free. Those summer days and evenings. At times it was just you and me. But I’m older now do grown up things. Since then they went and cut your tree that’s why I’m here with these two seeds so another tree will grow and we’ll swing once again.


Frozen Freddy

Frozen Freddy played freeze tag thats when frozen Freddy froze it started in his fingers and went down to his toes. The kids all tag him It but frozen Freddy just won’t go. Frozen solid there he stands frozen to the bone looks like he’s not thawing out any time too soon.

There’s a monster in my closet and a ghost under my bed there’s a witch outside my window that keeps trying to get in. I tell my mom our house is haunted but she just Pat’s my head. She says it’s my imagination and sends me back to bed. So there I sit with my flashlight under my blanket. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep again.


Table Leg

Pirate Jim was angry when a shark bit off his leg. What once was on,you bet its gone it’s now a wooden peg all the pirates laugh at him and call him table leg they say it underneath their breath but dare not to his face. If he heard you pirate Jim would make you walk the plank. To Davy Jones’ locker so be careful what you say.


The Fisherman

Grandpa was a fisherman he loved to fish all day and even when it rained he said,”I’m going anyway”. Out to his spot at the end of the pier against the white cap waves, to try and catch the great Lucille the one that got away. He stood his ground then felt his line start to move and shake the great Lucille had just arrived and she took the bait . Grandpa fought that fish for hours in the pouring rain. And finally he wreald her in this time twas no escape. The great Lucille was finally caught then he let her swim away. ” Until we meet again old friend, we’ll meet another day”.

On an expedition to Antarctica the professor found something strange. A flying saucer buried beneath the ice with a red light still blinking.They dug deep down and pulled it out and then a door opened, curiosity got the best of him and the professor he then climbed in.
Suddenly the engine started up, he said, ” This may have been a mistake”. Higher and higher flying straight up until he had reached outer space.
Right out of our galaxy and to a new cosmos. The professor said,” I’ll make the best”. And started taking notes”. Just then the ship landed on a planet of blue stones. He said,” I don’t think that anyone lives here anymore”.

He saw some large stone buildings and sculptures long since fallen hieroglyphics written on the walls and golden rooftops shining.

” We need a team of scientists but how to get them here? Wait what am I saying how I’ll get homes still not clear!”. Then he thought of something,”I’ll just reverse engineer”.
Night and day and afternoon the professor toiled and sweat. Until he solved the mystery of just how to fly that ship.

The professor turned and waved farewell to his new found blue planet. “Marvelous”. He said and then he started the engine’s.

I’m glad to say he made home but one things still not clear you were lucky enough to get off of this rock, so why’d you come back here?
Dead Halloween

On Halloween the dead go walking on the one night that they can you’ll think that their in costume and just out trick or treating. Monsters, ghouls and goblins all will just blend in if there’s a costume contest you can be sure that they will win.
Teeter totter

If you teeter totter all alone you won’t go up you just won’t go and you’l just sit there picking your nose and wish you chose the swings.

I took a trip through the bedroom mirror
Ended up in backwards lands, my head my legs
My feet my arms I even had backward hands
People walking, talking backwards. Even driving in reverse. It’s so strange to be here on the other side of this broken mirror.
Had to find my way out but my eyes were backwards too. I won’t spend so much time in the mirror hopefully neither will you



Mannequins are creepy. There lifelike and just freaky believe you me their watching everything you do


Invisible dinosaur

I road my invisible dinosaur to school for show and tell I barely got him in the door I’ll barely get him out since no one else can see him I guess I’ll just have to tell. He’s growling Mrs. Davis your standing on his tail!
Time Flys

I threw a clock across the room just to see time fly I put the picture of a white shark by my goldfish bowl at night I dress my dog in a cat outfit growls at the mirror each time. I’ve got so much free space occupying my bored


Night Terror

Me and my dog Arrow camped out in my backfield. We built a fire, roasted marshmallows, we did what campers do. But when the sun went down and night revealed a bright full moon, we heard a terrifying growl from deep within the woods.
I mustered all my courage and Arrow tried hard to be brave, but when the growls got closer Arrow ran the other way.
The Oval Beach Troll

A legend is told of the Oval Beach Troll that’s still living today and lived long long ago. Where he comes from no one really knows some say from down south some say Chicago. He lives in the dunes where he lives all alone in a cave where he sits counting old lucky stones. You see old lucky stones to a troll are like gold, and can only be found on Lake Michigan shores.
If you find one, hold it up, look through the small hole and they say youll see the future and the oval beach troll.
He smells just like a campfire and stinky rotten fish, so you’ll know that he’s around if you are standing there down wind. He’s mischievous and devious and he’s completely wild, and he looks just like a wolverine every time he smiles.
He’s got razor sharp teeth matted hair head to toe and a bird that sits perched on the end of his nose. He likes to play tricks like stealing your clothes. He’ll take your dry towel and bring it back soaked. He’ll tickle your feet and nibble your toes especially if you’ve an old lucky stone. So if you go walking don’t walk all alone or you might just meet the oval beach troll.

Why is he so trolly? Well as the story goes, he used to be a lumberjack in the town of Singapore. But soon he logged to many trees and the sands began to move the town it disappeared underneath the milghty dunes.

The town they blamed the troll and screamed “Let’s go and lock him up!”. The troll said I was just doing my job I promise you it’s not my fault. But they wouldn’t believe him he begged and he pleaded And they road him out on a rail that evening.

He shouted, ” You townspeople all will be sorry!”. and headed back to his troll cave to plot his revenging. The troll said ” Those townies can’t do this to me. Throwing his arms around stomping his feet. ” Forever, I’ll haunt them all, this is my beach! And since then that’s just what this trolls been doing.

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