By Ted Griffin


We all mess up in this roller-coaster called life
We make plenty mistakes & may pay the price
Life is full of great times & great memories we make
So every now & then we allowed the odd mistake

We make good decision at the time we think right
Some maybe mistakes, but never quench that light
Once our good decisions outweigh our bad
There is good reason to ever be sad

What is success none of us know
The main aim in life is we continue to glow
What we can do is the best we can
To make our mistakes was never the plan

Onwards & upwards day by day
What we will have always is our say
On we go in this mission of life
No better reason to always strife



Overthinking is a tough emotion
Thoughts going around nowhere to go
What these thought are about id wish I’d know
One thing at a time I would usually say

Some days these thought just don’t go away
We don’t give in to these crap thoughts
We have won battles before because we always fought
To overthink was never something we sought

That’s overthinking no good at all
In the bin with them thoughts or we may hit a wall
Slow down we are all doing just fine
Try your best daily cause it’s a fine line



Sometimes we may not feel enough
No matter how much we try or what we do
When enough was enough we never knew

We are plenty enough day after day
Just at times those days don’t go away
We tell ourselves stop, stop thinking that way
Cause we know we are enough everyday

They are just thought going round in our heads
The last place we need them is inside our beds
Going round & round getting no where
Those thoughts wreck your head if you let them care

So we know well what we are which is enough
We do our best by night & by day
So there is no valid reason to feel that way



We are all gifted in so many ways
We don’t give ourselves enough credit from day to day
Life is so fast these days, so much to do
Don’t forget the loved ones closest to you

We take things for granted without even thinking
We probably least gifted when we have been drinking
Take our time one day at time at our own pace
Because this valued life is never a race

Never underestimate the power of yourself
Sometimes we leave our best gifts on that shelf
Look in the mirror & be proud of what you see
The gifted person you will always be



We all like a drink every now & then
We enjoy it so much to stop seems a sin
We love our dancing & we love to sing
Can be mornings we don’t remember a thing

There is a dark side, a dark side to drink
Few sessions too many & we start to think
Fuck this drink never again
Come the weekend we all sin again

Drink can be a total disaster
It can even cost us our beloved partner
Drink can wreck lives or even cost wives
Drink can hurt children, then it’s hardly fun then

It can make us feel down
We all know that frown
It can make our hands shake
Make our whole body ache

An addiction to drink is never a fake
It can drain our pockets & make us feel hollow
Oh what a bitter pill it is to swallow
So we do like our booze some weekends

But let’s not let booze become our best friend
We must mind our moods, cause if we don’t with booze
We will always loose



Addiction is real so very real
It can make you feel so bad
You can’t even say how you feel

Whatever your addiction or whatever your choice
One thing for sure it aint going to be nice
A little bit of everything once & awhile
But with us Irish give an inch we want a mile

Any addiction whatever it is
Take your pick whatever your kick
Just know if it goes too deep it’s hard to kick
Addiction can cause us to do strange things
So with an addiction no one wins

It’s fine to say stop bit harder to do
But if you can’t make people stop loving you
With addiction comes lies & deceit
While many addicts are the nicest you’d meet

This is my view on addiction
It can become good with tears along the way
Success is that feeling that will always stay



We should never judge anyone in anyway
Who knows what people go through from day to day
No one is perfect in a variety of ways
So to judge other people only darkens our day

We are all different in our own unique ways
We are all different sizes & all different shapes
If anyone judges that then there just fecking apes

Let’s be ourselves & proud of our flaws
If we were all perfect what fun would it be
I know one thing for sure perfect isn’t me
That said there’s no other person I’d rather be

We can never judge, not matter what case
I’d rather give someone a caring face
Be proud of yourself & the person you have become
Cause only God can judge you when all’s said & done



Depression & anxiety are both very real
That’s why it’s important to say how we feel
They happen us all in different ways
But it’s completely normal to have up & down days

Life can be stressful not always successful
So when we feel low, feels like nowhere to go
Always remember our loved ones will know
We criticise ourselves even put ourselves down

The truth is the opposite we all deserve crowns
So don’t let a bad day put our form on the floor
We all know that someone who will open that door
We will all have bad days mixed with the good

Let’s be easier on ourselves as we always should
So up with that chin up to the sky
But never be afraid to have an odd cry
Cry some tears release them fears

We can get through anything as we have proved before
Just always remember never close that door



Loyalty is such a huge emotion
When loyalty there, there’s always devotion
Loyalty is such a fantastic feeling
But without it we can be left reeling

When were loyal to our loved ones & loyal to ourselves
Then we can be sure we won’t be left on the shelves
Never take loyalty for granted never at all
We just don’t know when we might lose it all

So don’t take for granted this brilliant trait
If we lose it once it may be too late
Don’t underestimate the power of loyalty
To carry on without well it just isn’t me



My Father Michael a living Saint
Any better Father for sure there isn’t
He is very strong in everyway
A pure inspiration everyday

He does love his stories, stories of the sea
There’s no other place he rather be
He loves his salmon fishing by day or by night
On the bank of the river there’s no better sight

Up jumps the salmon a sliver block
Out with the net as fast as he can
To fill the boat with salmon there’s no better man
This is my Father a fantastic man

Dads had his battles & fought them quietly
His spirit & strength always shines brightly
Loved by many & cherished too
One thing for sure Dad

I Love you


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