The notion of “never losing hope”
Might sound cliché
But that could really help people
Not go astray
Time keeps on ticking
And the future might be uncertain
Yet people who
Hold on the their dreams
And use this present moment
The greatest present of all
To pave a better future
Impact the world around them
As well as themselves
Never lose hope…ever


Romantic romance
Symbolic sensibility
Love might not always
Be pure
But in order to have close friends
One must offer respect
To oneself as well as others
If they do not
Treat others respectfully
Some would engage
in fiery rage
Yet compassion encourages company
Along with hints of sentimentality



Enjoy life
For the heart beats
To the rhythm of the beat
Be original
Be prime!


Let My Past Go

I already know
How to “Let It Go” and I
Choose to Be Myself



Hands clasped together
Filled with pure intimacy
Open your own heart


Be Kind

Be Kind
Be Gentle
Be Noble
Learn to love
Be Our Guest
The Tale as Old as Time…
Led to understanding
Show compassion
Love thyself
Love all
Otherwise society will fall
Be kind


Eternal Vigilance

Freedom is very broad
But also palpable
Just like how the Declaration of Independence
Declared that America
Should be Free
From European tyranny
Within reality
All people who live on Earth
Can achieve freedom
People can actually
And honestly
Know what it means to be free
As long as they are keenly aware
Of what they do in life
Because “eternal vigilance” is the price of liberty


Simply a Number

Age is simply a number
Anyone can be
Who they want to be
Because personal choice
Really is
Free will
Twelfth Night
Or what one will
Do to make
An impact
Upon reality
And oneself


Beloved American Author

American literary figure
Works that were truly Beloved
Shedding light on the horrors of reality
Advocating racial and gender equality
Expressing feminism through compelling characters
While respecting all people for who they truly are
Providing hope and establishing identities
For those who have been silent, yet must not be


Alex Andy Phuong earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University-Los Angeles in 2015.  He was a former Statement Magazine editor who currently writes about literature, film, and culture.  He has written film reviews for more than one hundred motion pictures for MovieBoozer, and his writing has appeared both online and in print.  Alex is a writer who dares to support the ones who pursue their dreams.



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