The Ghost

I used to be a ghost,

pale shell of my

former and current self.

My skin was white.

Shiny without a hint

of a tan colour,

even after hours

in the piercing sun.

Skin used to cling

to the bones in my body,

showing all that was underneath.

No amount of foods would or could hide

the shrinking body that I felt.

So sick all the time

even as I slept

and rested for days.

I wished for the strength

that would never come.

Could not recognize myself

in the reflective mirror.

Mind was playing tricks

while tired, not thinking.

It hurt so much.

Rebuilding from the shell

of my former self took time.

Digging out from a sickness

that has taken a spirit

I had almost forgotten.

The ghost in me slowly

took time to fully breath life.

Happiness, contentment rediscovered

by strengthening thoughts

on a solitary path.

Now I hold onto

what will not be compromised

so I never see the ghost

That was once me.

August 19, 2017

© Andrew Scott – Just a Maritime Boy 2017


The Lookout

She stands at the peak of the hill

and looks out towards the ocean

waiting for the returning ships

that should bring back her husband and son.

They have been off to war for their country

and soon should be returning to her and home.

She has been here for every ship

that has arrived for the past five months

with so many others that are waiting

for their loved ones to come home.

The faint look of a ship arriving

brings with it hope that all

will be making their way home.

Disappointment presents itself

when not all come back

to the harbour from the Great War.

They wait, she waits

as the fighting is over with a surrender.

As she sees the shadow of the upcoming vessel,

hope fills her as the rest of the family

should be coming home on that ship.

The last night of tears, waiting, on the Lookout.

August 19, 2017

© Andrew Scott – Just a Maritime Boy 2017

Not Our Town

Strangers have taken over this town.

Bringing messages to the masses,

carrying torches of fire,

screaming their burning thoughts

with words and traits of the ignorant.

They are taking over with a unified march.

Hitting with violent actions

for anyone or thing that does not join

the strangers way on their path.

Leaving scarring destruction

this town has never before seen.

This peaceful place has its issues

however never lined with the hate

that has been brought to the people

by the ones carrying the hurtful flames.

The infection brought to this town

spread to the most peaceful ones.

The ones that had never raised

a fist before to another

started to littler the streets

with screaming defences.

Fist were being thrown

by hands that all looked

like they were from the same

devil’s spirit and hands.

Windows shattered,

buildings were brought down.

The anger pierced all

and victims were left lifeless.

Not in this town

could this pain and sorrow

have ever happened.

That was once the feeling here

until strangers carrying

a hatred disease spread it

to peaceful, gentile people

to where the anger was the same.

August 16, 2017

© Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2017


Dear Stranger X

Dear Stranger, how have you been lately?

From afar you seem stressed

and very confused about

what is going on with you lately.

For years you have lived peaceful.

Helping others, being neighbourly.

Being one of the ones building

the best comfort zones for everyone.

Having conversations with the younger ones

about tolerance and listening

to all people that have different beliefs

so they grow into open minded human beings.

These lessons that you have given

seem to be forgotten lately

with the introduction of

strangers of your ways

from out of your town.

Their mission was to stream

hate so it reached everyone

through bully, violent ways.

It reached so many

and your reaction

has brought confusion.

Their fires were battled

with not a peaceful, calm mind

but with a fighting energy

with an anger from you

never seen before.

Such actions go against

all the teachings of peace

that were given to others.

The punches thrown held

as much destruction

as the town’s strangers.

All it took was a poke

and all that was believed

was taken away.

Making you another

stranger to us all.

August 17, 2017

© Andrew Scott – Just a Maritime Boy 2017

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