By John Goodie

Something stirs 

within my heart 

In Times like These

When horrors strike.


The plague has come

To clear the earth.

Who knows how long

That fire might burn?


Will Death snag 

a glut Of Souls?

Who knows how long

That we must fear?


Or should we




Could we be glad

Perhaps Of being

spared  by Grace of something 

worse And Unforeseen


that’s coming?


Death, he  wears a tarnished Crown

That once was worth some money

and carries two gunny sacks 

for his gathering chore.


Guess which one is fattest

And weighs him down the most?


The one from where you hear   

The eeriest of screaming. 

They know where they are going.

Too late to worry now.


From the smaller comes a joyful song

Of Hope and Holy Mercy. 

They sing of Peace and Light 

And Are happy they are leaving.


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