By JayM


Walk lonely, through a trough,
Blink, at a picture unseen,
Eyes open, tears dried,
Water to roots,
Fruit unseen,
Seeded, to the mind.


Absence, water to memories,
Once, not to limit,
Through a bird to fly;
A flight of fancy,
Born to thrive,
Never in thought to die!
In life to revel,
Love laughter and joy,
An Ewer full,
Of nectar, dripping, a star,
Earn, never coy;
Nor cry alone,
For restrained wings,
Rigour apart.

Taboo Silhouettes,
Moving love,
Throws light;
A new sight, a picture seen,
A recognisance of past,
The culture of being,
To walk lonely, through a trough, now whistling though,
Blink, picture, never blind to see,
Once, to sing free…


JayM is a poet and writer from Mumbai, India, who strives to make sense of the increasingly multiple, paradoxical and ambiguous world around him through his verse and prose. He writes poetry – free verse and haiku, apart from satire based on his travels. He takes life with a pinch of salt, and advocates that doing so makes it highly palatable.

2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Jay M is one of my favorite poets and it’s wonderful to see him here. The way he uses his word images to create a moving and profound story like he does here blows me away. Well done, Jay!


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