When All Looks Dim, You Keep Shining
Do not give up the fight to keep love from growing dark.
Your endeavors to light up the world do matter.
It will seem that those who hate do not slow their efforts,
but nothing changes quickly, and all hearts can find truth.

When it seems like fear wants us to betray,
you may want to hide what truth you’ve spilled.
Some you know will try to change your heart,
yet, keep bringing friendship and tenderness forward.

Dark clouds might ominously gather,
but cannot cover the whole sky at once.
And stars will show us their faces,
will labor to keep the night, even if only half-lit.

And the Eastern shores and firmament
will bring the sunshine bright and true.
And the sun will become front and center,
as it spreads itself to the other shore.


What Will Be Your Dance?

No more laws or rules to tell us how to conduct ourselves.
With joy and sorrow, still both present to make us feel alive,
what form then will either take?
What will echo the song of your convictions,
the sound of you achieving goals and dreams?
Would you volunteer the transfer of a few encumbrances
to help unburden another?
Will bartenders still serve advice as well as drinks
to those whose ramblings only seek a tree on which to hang solace?
Without a soul in sight, what shall be your dance?
This act, the definitive test of all your thoughts and feelings,
held deep inside.


If Only For Modesty’s Sake

I am undeserving of the sky.
My wings have followed
the history of Icarus.
I was so much like him.
My flight would always be noteworthy.

But, now I walk where green or golden foliage,
and assortments of rocks
litter the land
which tremble under dragons’ strides.

I wish for new magick,
an alchemy transmuting
those rocks and leaves into feathers.

For Icarus was not wrong,
just arrogant,
and if I fly with modesty.
I just might stay airborne.

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