The Ultimate Stage

Social hierarchy
Filled with diversity
Colorful iridescence
Aesthetic decadence
There might be evil
in the world
but there is still hope
for the ones who dream
No matter how hard life may seem
Celebrate life and cheer for the dreamers
Pursuing passions respectfully


The Light Ascending

Light in August
American landscape
The sun shines occasionally
Yet silver linings
Shine the light
And aspire
To make the internal
Light shine through




School days, School days

Playing during recess

Children do not necessarily


Into adults

Because age is simply a number

Feel the Earth beneath the feet

For aging is not obsolete

Because growing old is normal

Yet staying pure is optional

Choose goodness over evil

Like some of the greatest stories

Ever told

Be Bold!

(But also have fun along the way)

Why take life so seriously?


Have fun!

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