By Paweł Markiewicz


gallant butterfly

I am godifying Your strong

born from the starlets

singularly wolf

in Your call – a charm fulfilled

the most tender weird

aboveboard boar

You are looking for the stream

in druidic holt

arcane-meek lynx

I would know traces into

charm of miracle

the far-sighted fox

You like flowers of the holt

full of fantasy

Paweł Markiewicz was born in 1983 in Poland (Siemiatycze). He has written English haiku as well as short poems published in the good literary magazines, including Ginyu (Tokyo), Atlas Poetica (U.S.), and The Cherita (U.K.). He has also published some poems in Taj Mahal Review (India) and Better Than Starbucks (U.S.). He published poems on Blog Nostics as well as a short prose piece entitled “The Druid.” Paweł has published more than fifty German-language poems in Germany and Austria and three Polish-language chapbooks in Poland.

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