By Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein


So many times I thought, I would forget myself, 

And open my heart to you. 

Placing my hand on your hand, gazing at you, 

I would say how much I love you secretly, my love. 

I thought of you as the God of  mythology. 

Your face, your look and your smile 

Froze my lips. 

How could I utter my love to you? 

I hesitate, I put one step closer 

And the next step back away. 

I decided in my mind, I would stay away. 

I would abandon you. 

I will live in seclusion. 

Keeping my desires locked up. 

My feelings bottled up in the deepest core of my heart. 

No one will know about what lies in my mind. 

No one will see the tears of my heart. 

No one will ever know how much I love. 

I will think of you now and then. 

I will secretly see you from a distance. 

No one will notice. 

And you won’t notice. 

All I ever wanted to say will remain unsaid. 

All the things I wanted to say will be lost in the black hole. 

All I ever wanted to say will remain untold. 

I will end up a life less one with all things unsaid. 

Only the shrugs of my coffin 

Will tell all the  things unsaid 

Only winds will listen

All my unsaid things will echo in the air and wander for years 

Only to be lost in time. 

Note :The poem is influenced by T.S.Eliot’s “The Love Songs of Alfred Prufrock”

Commentary :The narrator is kind of Hamletian character. Eliot ‘s Prufrock  suffers from indecision and inability to express the hearts desire. My poem’s narrator  suffering from inability to express the things she said. May be she feels the man is so superior that she can’t tell him. Or may be she is Hamletian character due to fear of rejection. Her comparison of his love to Greek God suggests the length of her love. The poem expresses inner state of narrator. The poem ends with depressive note. She meets death with all things unsaid. Though her imagery is her coffin ‘s shrugs finally tells her story. Only wind listen.  All the things unsaid wander only to be lost in time. 


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