By Tom M. McDade

The timbre of Cheyava Falls,

Quaking aspens, cliff

Roses, fern, and currant

Bushes, pinyon, scrubby and

Prone ponderosa pine

Clear Creek Trail,

Heat, thirst, heart attack

Angel Window–arch natural

Cape Royal Rock–Geodesic

Service marker, hefty fine

Or prison, damage or theft

Famous mule rides down

Zigzag switchbacks

Chopper and airplane wrecks

Deer and turkey flocks

Navajo Mountain, Point

Imperial of elevation fame

Demise by lightning, homicide

Little Colorado River, where

The Hopis mine salt and

Their dead spirits go

The wind knows how to roar

Like a locomotive hauling

Hearse cars full of suicides

Robbed of their mausoleum

The breeze riffs a heading

Home harmonica

Train whistle requiem  

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