By Nardine Sanderson


You walk awake
 my dreaming hours
And dare to cross the ivory towers
To the land in which i sleep
Upon a cloud of pillows were only angels weep
Underneath the stars
A knight within a nights dreamlike
Chanting the woes of love
Within golden fields of breath he takes
Upon a landscape Within the skies
So many stars having fallen in your eyes
To dance within my head
Like lilies  beautiful and dead
Pretty smile upon thy face
Causing heart’s to bend not break within the timeless pounding it takes
setting fire to all souls abound
Once falling into the depths of the moon splashed  silver across the shores
Waves calmly greet the rocks
Awaken  your face to see
Your standing staring back at thee
For awake within my dreaming hours
Walking in my sleeping air  dancing in state of sleep
Your heart my love
My dreams in thee
Play a peaceful melody
Your my lullaby by the sea
I love you in my dreams
And in my waking reality.

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