By Reece Merrifield

Sea-salt bodies attracted the tongues
of a south-westerly breeze;
like a well-trained dog in the company
of a stranger, it licked all over and no
respite was given, but we were thankful,
for it was the hottest day in June.


Under streetlamp and sunset, we climbed
the hill behind a Georgian hotel –
Our feet were bare, grass tickled
our toes and the sea-salt siphoned off
our hair; the light followed suit,
evaporating to join the nearby ocean –
through fruit cider eyes my friend and I


flicked through the endless channel
of a midnight moonlight in June.


Reece Merrifield is a third-year Literature student from Chester, England, who also currently edits the University’s magazine ‘Pandora’s Box’ and the small independent press, ‘Foxtrot Uniform’.

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