By Pat Ashinze


You are a garden

of ambrosial colours

and psychedelic patterns.

Let no one make your

soul feel primitive

and lightless.

You are a name

that gives the night her light.

You have the blood

of nature in your arteries.

You are too deeply

rooted to wilt from drought.

Like a butterfly tasting the salt of dawn,

moult, bloom and fly.

Like a river finding its way around rocks,

flow and find strength in will.


Bio: My name is Pat Ashinze. I am Nigerian by birth and citizenship. I am an hybrid of two major Nigerian tribes, Igbo and Yoruba. Writing, to me is the only way I can talk without being interrupted.
I am fluid in my writings, revolving within the axial stream of poetry, prose and whatnot.
Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Medicine at The University of Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria.

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