By Joan McNerney

Spring Equinox 

This is when we search for

color to transform cold grey.

Rainfall begins its magic

high lighting sky blue.

We see stacks of luminous clouds

as plants pop out emerald buds

and forsythia busts open with

sparkling yellow stalks.

Trees dressed up in chic green

boogie through noon breezes.

Aromatic lilac bushes cluster

in soft bunches. Just today a

breath of warmth brought alive

pink crepe myrtle branches.

Summer Solstice

Trees outline the

horizon in green lace.

Beneath boughs float

galaxies of blue bugs.

Listen to swish of

branches as cicada

swell and swarm.

Hiding under shadow

beating their wings,

hissing their mating calls.

Evening is coming…

the dawn of darkness.

We are suspended now

between light and shade.

Clouds rushing over heaven.

Sun drops from sky.

The air is fragrant with

sweet blooming jasmine

as star after star

sets nighttime on fire.



Fall Equinox

Morning light reveals

silhouettes of branches

against a dove grey sky.

Wearing layers of red, orange,

yellow…trees begin dancing,

sashaying in the wind.

Now it’s time to pick gardens of

bright vegetables.  Let’s cook

pots of soup, yeasty breads.

Children come from school

jumping in piles of foliage

shouting with delight.

Countless shades of leaves,

shapes of leaves spreading

over a lingering sunset.

Flying carpets of sugar maple

foliage unfurl across our roads

as frost draws closer.

Amazing how many stars

fit inside my windowpane

when the moon is new.



Winter Solstice

Hurry, short days are here,

too much to do.

Get ready, find gloves,

hats, scarves, sweaters.

Stopping to see the

shape of a snowflake.

Coming home to luxuriate

in dim light listening

to heat hissing and finding

warmth from hot teas.

Bundled in bed comforted by

mounds of blankets, books.

Finally succumbing to

our northern goddess,

whose black nights are long

and silent as evergreens.

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