By Mendes Biondo

I’ve got to write an article

about a banner affixed against the wall of a library

something against mobsters and indifference

something for those who believe culture could kill

professionals with smoking guns

or lawyers accountants notaries



I’ve got to write that piece

but I can feel my stomach aching

and the beef I ate

for lunch

goes up and down

and I feel very ill about that


I’ve got to write few words

about all the shit surrounding us

condensed into a banner

into a picture

into a library

where books stands still waiting

for avid readers bored people

teachers with the curlers still in their heads

and the students ready to drink hemlock

instead of listen to their bullshits


I’ve got to write an article

and no one will care

the problem is not about caring

at the end of the month those words

will be changed into bucks

and the world will appear like a good place where to be

I will spend that money for buying condoms

or rhum

or cigars

or something else made by an honest worker

with an honest family

killed by a mobster

or maybe not


I’ve got to write that shit

but I’m here beating the keyboard of the laptop

like a gunslinger

I don’t want to save the world

sincerely I don’t care

crime is in the blood of people

but I still need to stay alive

and this words are the only kind of ammunitions I have

to keep away monsters from my mind

to keep safe beauty in my eyes

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