By  David Chukwudi Njoku

She needs your attention

Not your incessant castigation,

Neither your deception

Nor complex aggravation.

She is in the midst of water

Yet cry for water.

She is a succour to many

Yet her citizenry begs.

Her leaders full of treachery,

Live in affluence

While her electorates starve of hunger.

Pray for her.

Killings is a norm,

Her wealth is for the rich,

While the masses swims in abjectness.

Abuse is their watchword.

Pray for her peace,

If you love her,

Your prosperity anchors on it.

Pray, pray and pray.

Copyright July 2018

David Chukwudi Njoku

David Chukwudi Njoku is a growing poet/writer, songwriter and faith preacher. He resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

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