to let my youth go
i find myself
staring at older
black women
these days
i’m not sure
if it’s habit
or my
to let my
youth go
maybe it’s all
the endless
dreams of
my first
and where
we could
be now
i think part
of me knows
the end is near
and i’m in
the final stages
of holding onto
we all know
what’s next
a bottle and a broken heart
tears in the darkness
it’s that haunting
feeling of loneliness
it creeps right up
your spine and
begins to fester
remind you of every
fault, every mistake
every wrong decision
that has brought you
some drink to forget
and others drink
because they can’t
an old sage once
told me there would
be no more painful
death than a bottle
and a broken heart
i remember the night
he took his own life
in the alley
right after the woman
of his dreams met
the perfect balcony
to jump from
suicide lovers
the last romantics
i ever cared to know
my invisible friend
my horoscope
said i was to
talk to strangers
i’m sitting in
a waiting room
of all the times for
my invisible friend
to leave me alone…
the easy way
sitting here thinking
about my life and
how i have never
done anything the
easy way
so, it shouldn’t
surprise me the
latest love of
my life lives
in italy
six hours into
the future
i’m desperate to
see where this
i’m old enough
now i don’t know
how many more
chances i will
a little happiness
sometimes i close
my eyes and hear
i figure my inner
child must have
found a friend
good for him
one of us deserves
a little happiness
these days

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