“Days of the Dragonfly” by Feby Joseph, “Summertime” by Rie Sheridan Rose, and “Boardwalk, Estival Solstice” by Gary Glauber.

Boardwalk, Estival Solstice  

Gary Glauber

Fragrant silence

of lily of the valley’s luster

caught in lambent light

of dying sunset

signals certitude

of seasonal change.

Summer arrives,

all sullen vigor descending,

eager to vent shirtless energy

against warm winds blowing

through restless minds.


Life’s a beach

and then you repine lost loves.

Pastel horizon

whispers red promises

that swirl and swarm,

gathering momentum

to distract and deflect

from the now to then

when anything was possible,

when long days

fueled fitful dreams.

Names became incantations

inducing magic thoughts

of souls intertwined,

and hope of shared delight

fueled sweet aches

of heated yearning.


Now the season itself

accomplishes this

slick sleight of mind,

a parlor trick that automatically

deceives and diverts back

to youthful swoon and swagger.  



Rie Sheridan Rose

Sweet summertime sweeps in

Upon us like a dowager queen—

Majestic yet cruel,

Meting out pleasure and punishment,

Either, or both, in turn with a

Regal nod of her golden head.

The days melt into each other…

Insouciant children play in sprinklers…

Mothers make lemonade in air-conditioning…

Everyone slows their pace for one brief hour…




Days of the Dragonfly

By Feby Joseph

I am like a dragonfly that lives for a season



I sit by, frozen and watch as the year breezes by –

Watch lovers ponder their paths in autumn

And keep each other warm during winters;

I watch as spring waltzes in an intoxicates the earth;

Coax everything to fall in love once again…



I watch for the first golden hints of summer

When you breeze in with the west winds

On the colorful tails on the receding spring.

When the freshness has seeped of their blooms

My roses explode into perfumed gardens – once again.



It’s by your touch alone, that I awake –

To revel and blossom in your love

In this all too-brief season of the sun.

When had the knowledge ever stopped me?

Knowing… soon – very soon you will be gone – again…



It’s summer, albeit brief, and it is mine

To fall for you once again… to fall for the first time.

How many times have I done this before?

Every time you leave – every time I die

Till you return after spring to kiss me back to life again.



You have become my source of life –

It’s the habit of you that keeps me here

For I haven’t finished loving you yet…

Is a porous heart ever filled?

Should I have my fill I shall grow wings once again



It’s almost the end of summer –

And I’m drunk and intoxicated by you

Till the first drops of monsoon wake me

And I find my bed – big and empty.

It’s time to wait for the summer once again.


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