By Sunil Sharma

A rose or two, on a dump,

sway in the Mumbai wind

the light plays on the blood-red hues

—an aberration by nature, or so it seems—

to some cynics.

The tender flowers can turn

that smelly stretch into a

colourful spot of brown earth.

The solid waste generated

by the  urban folks

running into 500 tons of daily garbage

in suburbs,

the place circled over by the kites and vultures

hungry—like them

can be unsettling to a visitor to these terrifying landfills

the aftermath of  ravenous cities.

A red rose or two

surviving on the huge hill of waste

can bring the necessary

visual relief to the folks

working in that hell.

Sunil Sharma is a college principal, freelance journalist, author and editor. Mumbai-based, he has published 19 books—solo and joint. His prose and poetry have appeared in many places in the world.  

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