By Rizwan Saleem

The ebbs and flows

Cold winter winds blow

Across the oceanic world

No land to see, nor harbors to call

The loud silence of doomed souls

Black gulls take to air

Round and round they fly in evil circumambulations

No sound through truculent clouds

Of promised rain and storms

And what is left behind?

And what is forward for?

A requiem powers the sails

Sung soft and low

Come by night or day

By air or by sea

Come solo or in droves

But be warned that none leave

Your belongings packed before the journey was charted

With hopes and ounces of faith that were stored

Paper invocations floated back down from heaven

Have trailed here to be buried, amongst you

This place where God will never be

And no prophets or messiahs to set you free

Rank upon rank, file after file

Men with crosses to bear

Of mistakes and unfulfilled best intentions

Come hither friends and foes

A choir of unholy spirits rejoice

Usher to your new abode

Come by night or day

By air, by sea, or on knees

Beware though, that none leave

Because there is nowhere else to be

Welcome to you, friends

To the island of shattered dreams

Rizwan Saleem is a Banker based in Dubai, UAE. The thoughts and expressions detailed in his works are of his various escapades suffered through life, and of the profound surprise of having survived long enough to pen them into wordsHis poems and prose have appeared in anthologies Twenty Seven Signs by Lady Chaos Press, Self Portrait Poetry Collection by Silver Birch Press, E fiction India, Scarlet leaf Publishing as well as Colors of Refuge.

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