By  James Diaz
Two Stars, One Sky

look at what almost owned me, i thought

only certain pieces can be swallowed
but it’s the whole body
how it presses at its edges
as if it could only release enough air
then maybe it wouldn’t be so prone to breaking
it’s not until you’re too old to remember
how little this episode mattered
compared to war, starvation, childhood –
that that dumbfounded look on your face
will coax a laugh so hard out of your lungs
the rest of you will tremor for hours
at the window over the darkening hills
and the crow circling high above like her hands
on you, in you, ripping nerves like paper
into what might have been an act of love
and who really knows if it has to be so dangerous
to fall for each other like this, body over body
at the very least it must be worth it.

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