By  Bernadette Perez
Billowing thick clouds overwhelmed the sky
Rain trickled
Washed away frowns
Smiles gleam upon children’s faces
Smooth comfort milked in warmth
Curdles my soul
Frost forms on open spaces
A cold mist
Frozen ice needles stand at attention
Appearance of glass across the surface
…………….Twinkling beauty in the streets
Frolic in the rain
Bring forth laughter
Splash effortlessly
Look and See
Fluffy white pillows floating in the sky
Visible to you and I
Suspended are clouds
Drifting aimlessly
Heavy falls the rain
A Poet possessing expression and creativity. In 1990 Bernadette received the Silver Poet Award from World of Poetry. Her work has appeared in The Wishing Well; Musings in 2010, Small Canyons Anthology in 2013, Poems 4 Peace in 2014. Fix and Free Anthology in 2015. She is the President of the New Mexico State Poetry Society and member of Rio Grande Valencia Poets since 2005.

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