By: John Page

Creation myth
First the world was a formless mass. Nothing existed until a great ball of light appeared. From it step the two fundamental forces of creation, time as symbolized by the moon and order as symbolized by the mage. The two forces became Selune and Salbi. They work for millions of years on creating a framework for the universe. Every attempt to create a perfect world is foiled by the actions of an unknown force who brings entropy . Eventually they discover the destructive force is another god, Kurthga, who has come to creation from another plane of existence. The two sides fight until eventually the creators are exhausted. Selune and Salbi flee to a hidden valley and crafted a plan.
They being from themselves four children Sarsonn, Norgatg, Augtha and Mortus who create the four forces of water, fate, life and transformation.
The four young gods help their parents in the battle against the exile. They drive him off to the abyss.
The gods work on building the world and create the next generation of gods, the third generation. Augtha also births all of the plants and animals of the world while Norgatg brings forth the ancestors of the sentient races. All is going well until Norgatg is captured and taken to a realm beyond time. The others despair at her loss. Eventually they give up looking for her and resume creating the universe though without the knowledge of fate that Norgatg provided.
Kurthga has created the ten hells and drags Norgatg to the lowest pit. She is twisted by Kurthga into a monstrous being like him. They mate and gives birth to dark gods that reflect the horror of their patents. These were the spider of night, the black goat and the and the many mouthed toad. Besides her greater children she birthed all the demons of the universe. These dark gods mate with each other and create the fourth generation of dark ones.
The dark gods attack the celestial palace of the gods. The battle was fierce and much of the world was ruined. The war seems lost for the gods of light until Leo the light bringer challenged the spider of night to a battle that forced the war into a stalemate.
Selune and Salbi see the cost of the war and create a peace of the gods. The direct battles end a war of shadows continue till this day through the actions of mortals and subtle influence.
To restore the world yet again the gods of heaven and twilight bring forth their four generation. Humans arise in the holy valley and start to honor the gods.
In the centuries that follow the fifth and final generation of gods are born to bring balance of the world.

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