Sanctuary and Other Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth Sanctuary Altar surround, the sanctuary - it’s holy ground, bared soles, atone, for I have trod with loosened thongs, where even angels fear to tread, and souls exposed, by spirit fed a sentinel, saint sentry point. Yet killing field those turbulent - Becket, Luwum, Romero, priests, for shame exposed, unwelcome voice, seed … Continue reading Sanctuary and Other Poems

First Fall and Other Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth First Fall My chassis sashay unreturned - I cannot rise from weeding bed; where couch grass spread, snapdragon split, I’m splayed, pride punctured by the blades, and love-lies-bleeding in the tilth. It’s not the autumn, falling leaves - progressive failing of my limbs, dyskinesia taking hold and tremor shaking confidence, but garden … Continue reading First Fall and Other Poems