They Don’t Talk Much Anymore

By Ed Ahern Their intimacy speaks in the unsaid. opposition unraised, disagreement stilled, stifled correction or contradiction, permission for those close to rest in the wrong while choke-chaining the harsher truths. Little silent helping things saying that courtesy is an inadequate term to explain the need to hold one another in loving stasis. Ed Ahern … Continue reading They Don’t Talk Much Anymore

Luzia’s Dowry

By Jozef Leyden The plane bringing me from Copenhagen to Lisbon was half-empty. So was the ‘Arrivals’ at the Lisbon-International on that late warm October evening when I came across her  ̶  my inamorata-siren  ̶  for the first time. With no checked baggage, just a backpack, I smoothly sailed through ‘Immigration and Customs,’ briskly pacing … Continue reading Luzia’s Dowry