Watching You

By Nancy Lou Henderson Running, leaping, dancing along the electric line, watching, praying you will be fine. Straddling, clinging, sleeping on the branch of a tree, wondering, questioning if you see me. Flipping, rushing, fleeing from a Mocking bird, laughing, knowing that you heard. Digging, covering, patting the ground, loving, seeing, as you look around. … Continue reading Watching You

Visions for the Mind

By Nancy Lou Henderson Sun, fluffy clouds, blue skies Night, full moon, bright stars Tree, brown branches, green leaves House, raised windows, opened doors. Grass, freshly cut, trimmed edges, Child, singing sweetly, doing circles. Butterfly, bright yellow, fluttering wings Squirrel, digging dirt, hiding pecans. Hummingbird, drinking fast, red flowers. Rainbow, touching ground, vibrant colors. Baby, … Continue reading Visions for the Mind

Bouncing Golden Curls

By Nancy Lou Henderson Bouncing golden curls running through the grass, Singing, dancing, spinning, having just a touch of sass. Bouncing golden curls looking to the sky, Stopping, smiling, pointing, saying Angels are flying by. Bouncing golden curls kneeling on one knee, Smelling, touching, picking, giving wildflowers to you and me. Bouncing golden curls although … Continue reading Bouncing Golden Curls