Two Poems by Nancy Lou Henderson

God Knows When questioning, He understands. If hearts break, God mends. When feet dance, He rejoices. If we sing, God praises. When eyes cry, He holds. If sickness overpowers, God heals. When grief comes, He comforts. If we pray, He listens. When sins confessed, God forgives. If troubles overwhelm, God solves. When we are patient, … Continue reading Two Poems by Nancy Lou Henderson

“Ithaca” (Haiku 196-203)

By Thomas Page A father and son, Telemachus and The lost Odysseus Penelope’s basket and Sisyphus’ rock; Both always undone Dyed-blue bearded god, Brother heavenly thundered, Mimics by shaking Homer’s xenia, Custom hospitality, Stories and cyclops Boiling marrow Dry from bones, fear slowly cooks Courage from strong legs The eagle and geese War in Penelope’s … Continue reading “Ithaca” (Haiku 196-203)

Illusion is our imagined separation from God

By Allison Grayhurst   Bend down and savor the shallow water, stroking out praise like the wind strokes the skin on a gentle day. I was in the pit, closed across the journey, forming lines, lining up eagle eggs, pine cones and leashes. Breaking though irregular dreams that break the edges and expand in an … Continue reading Illusion is our imagined separation from God