Ramble and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Ramble Rather than ramble, Remember that Babel Is more than a city. In fact, it is a place That encourages diversity Despite barriers, And there is no need To feel inferior Without consent. Revel in wonderment! Complement Primary and secondary colors Complement one another And are just as vibrant As pleasant … Continue reading Ramble and Other Poems

Mythopoeia and Other Poems by Alex Andy Phuong

Mythopoeia Onomatopoeia Sounds of the real world And cinematic comics Mythopoeia Mythical and mystical Fantasy Intended to educate About reality Myths might be fictional But they are definitely educational For the Greeks and the Romans And anything culturally worldly Have impacted world history Since the dawn of civilization   Poetic Style Style and grace Go … Continue reading Mythopoeia and Other Poems by Alex Andy Phuong