By Nathan Gromotowicz

I remember seeing
a strange bird
unfamiliar to me

and shortly after
a tall man
with a tall hat

they approach me
asking if I had
the time

I looked
for my imaginary
always kept it
on my wrist

they were
crestfallen after expressing
great enthusiasm
once I told them: “I myself am not a reliable source for such information'

After their departure
I return my attention
to the novel
I was forcing
Myself to read

It had donned on me
that I had committed
an egregious crime
the book I read
is trash I paid for
I have supported
the proliferation
of garbage

I lit the book
ablaze hastily
attempting to
deface the source of
my shame!

Much to my dismay
the smoke draws
the bird and the man back
to me

The man says:  “You should have told us you were going to dispose of that book; my friend here-the Bird-would have eaten it!”

The man with the hat
was visible

I was indifferent
my apathy
got the better of me

A staring contest commences
between me
and him

Minutes pass like this

his countenance goes limp
all traces
of anger
flush away

He says to me
: “Till next time.”
and departed
with his companion

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